We are able to handle the efficacy testing of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, biologicals, adjuvants, and fertilizers. Tall Pines is also equipped to perform variety, and environmental monitoring studies. 


Over the 2019 season, we applied and were inspected to become Standards Council Canada (SCC) compliant. This SCC certification will allow us to perform GLP studies. As of January 2020, we are fully certified and ready to handle your GLP trial requirements. We are capable of conducting RAC, processing, food chain, and soil dissipation trials. We will work with you to ensure accurate, reliable, and reconstructable data. 


At our facilities, we are able to grow a number of field and vegetable crops. Furthermore, through our cooperator network, we have access to a wide range of specialty crops grown in Ontario. 

Field Crops: Corn, Soybean, Wheat, Barley, Edible Bean, Canola, Oats

Fruit: Apple, Pears, Grape, Plum, Peach, Cherry

Vegetables: Brassica, Potatoes, Cucurbit, Tomato, Onion, Lettuce, Carrot, Asparagus

Specialty: Hops, Turf, Ginseng, Greenhouse Horticulture


We have the capability to perform both small plot and large scale research trials. Tall Pines is equipped with seed drills, planters, harvesting machinery, orchard airblast sprayers and other equipment necessary to simulate commercial agricultural practice in a trial setting. Please visit our gallery page for photos of some of our equipment. 


Contact us with your specific needs and we will work together to design a protocol and plan that works for you.